TDD- DTH drilling pipe for water well , geothermal well,geological exploration

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TDD,born for drilling. 

TDD group have been focusing on DTH drilling for 16 years. We are specialized in manufacturing various DTH drilling hammers、matched drilling bits、drilling rigs and drilling pipes for water wells、mines and oil industries.

TDD  can not only produce different materials, length, diameter, wall thickness drilling pipe, but also according to customer requirements of material, length, wall thickness, thread to customize the drilling pipe.

TDD have made tremendous development at the basic of high-quality, low price, good service since its establishment. All friends both at home and abroad are warmly welcomed to come here to establish and develop business relationship with us. 

TDD group From the sales order to the production of the products, to the inspection and delivery of the finished products, we record all the data to ensure the traceability of each product. We not only purchase the thread inspection standard gauges of various specifications. Pitch detection instruments and taper testing equipment ensure that the products meet international standards, and are equipped with ultrasonic flaw detectors, various hardness testing equipment, magnetic particle testing equipment, etc., thus creating high-quality products, so that customers can buy with confidence , use the rest assured. Professional scientific research and management personnel, with strong technical strength and high-quality management methods, have gained industry advantage and market leading position after a long period of accumulation and construction. At present, our products are exported to South Africa, Europe and America, and some countries in Southeast Asia.

Technical parameters:

​Drill pipe diam Thread standard Steel pipe grade Pipe wall thinkness Thickening method Drill pipe length
3’’ 76mm 2-3/8’’ REG R780,G105,S135 6mm ,8mm IU 1000-5000mm
31/2’’ 89mm 2-3/8’’ IF NC26 R780,G105,S135 6.5mm ,8mm IU 1000-5000mm
4’’ 102mm 2-7/8’’ IF NC31 R780,G105,S135 8mm ,9.19mm IU 1000-5000mm
41/4’’ 108mm 2-7/8’’ IF NC31 R780,G105,S135 8mm ,9.19mm IU 1000-5000mm
41/2’’ 114mm 2-7/8’’ IF NC31 R780,G105,S135 8mm ,10mm IU 1500-6000mm
5’’ 127mm 3-1/2’’ IF NC38 R780,G105,S135 8mm ,10mm,12mm IU 1500-6000mm

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